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Welcome to Farriss Farm!

Bonnie is the head of our Nigerian dwarf goat herd. As the self-appointed queen, she demands attention from her herd, us included! 

Move your mouse over the picture to see Bonnie pose for you!

100% Grass-fed Beef | Grass-fed American Lamb | Pastured Chicken | Pasture-raised Heritage Pork |  & more

At Farriss Farm we work hard to bring the very best Florida farm products to you. Farriss Farm produces locally raised farm fresh eggs from happy hens that are humanely raised outdoors. In addition to our eggs, we are proud to offer some of the finest Florida-raised 100% grass-fed, dry-aged Black Angus & Wagyu (American Kobe) beef, grass-fed lamb, pasture-raised Berkshire pork and pastured heritage chicken. To produce quality meats that are healthier for you, our ranchers use:
  • Humane, Sustainable & Earth-Friendly  Farming Practices
  • No Added Hormones, Growth Promotants or Antibiotics
  • No Harsh Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides or  Herbicides on Pastures
  • USDA-Inspected Processing Facilities
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